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Knovel: Engineering innovation in record time

Data is everywhere. But data alone doesn’t create impact. To transform engineering outcomes, you need to quickly find multidisciplinary knowledge you can trust.

Knovel helps you apply engineering data, technical references and interactive tools to:

  • Accelerate R&D to achieve goals, such as net zero compliance
  • Validate designs for prototyping, scale-up and manufacturing
  • Prepare technical professionals for new engineering challenges

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Knovel had very detailed materials information for the specific materials we were looking at. We could compare them side-by-side with exactly the data we needed. Without Knovel we would have spent 3X more time, energy and resources in pulling together that information.

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Why choose Knovel? Web search ≠ research

Knovel quickly delivers trusted, accessible and relevant engineering answers and insights with:

Essential knowledge from comprehensive sources

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  • 160 engineering content providers
  • 35 subject areas and 230 subtopics
  • 12,000 resources curated from books to materials databases

Unique interactive tools and data visualization

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  • 20,000 tables, e.g., chemical and material properties
  • 150,000 graphs
  • 3,000 equations
  • Steam calculators
  • Unit converter
  • Corrosion management

Text and numeric search designed for engineers

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  • 96,000 engineering concepts extracted
  • Numeric property search
  • Search and filter by:
    • Concept
    • Content type
    • Author

Numbers are rounded down and are accurate as of April 2022. Knovel content grows continually.

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Knovel gets measurable results

Time savings

Accelerate time to market by finding and applying precise engineering information to drive projects forward to success.

Knovel users report saving up to 180 hours per year searching for engineering and materials information.

Cost savings

Optimize manufacturing and production via process improvements based on field-proven technical and materials know-how.

Using information from Knovel, a manufacturer decreased motor failure rate by 5.5% saving $187,000 per year.

Risk reduction

Reduce business and compliance risk by learning from the mistakes and successes of others.

83% of users report that Knovel helped them meet EHS and regulatory demands or key customer criteria.

Net zero goals

Implement new technologies to find sustainable alternatives to current materials and processes to help you innovate and offset environmental impacts.

95% of users said Knovel is a trusted resource for becoming familiar with unfamiliar topics, technologies and processes. See the net zero topic pages.

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Who uses Knovel?

Knovel is used by 700+ organizations across industry, academia and government to build foundational engineering knowledge and solve problems with high business impact.

Fortune 500 companies in a range of industries

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Engineering design and construction
  • Equipment manufacturing

Top engineering and technical universities

15 of top 20 engineering schools from the U.S. News & World Report

15 of the top 25 engineering schools in the world from Times Higher Education rankings

Cross-disciplinary teams and specialists

  • Civil engineers
  • EHS and ESG specialists
  • Electrical and mechanical engineers
  • Manufacturing
  • Product managers
  • Project managers

Knovel: Engineering a sustainable future

Traditional industries are asking their teams to transition to renewables and carbon-neutral technologies, solutions and materials. Knovel provides academic and practical knowledge about sustainability, technical and engineering topics that helps organizations.

Use the comprehensive text and data search to find information you need, or browse Knovel’s topic clusters of trending research.

To further explore how Knovel can help you achieve your energy transition goals, talk to one of our experts.