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Innovation happens where human intelligence, data and technology connect.

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Artificial intelligence is driving R&D’s digital transformation and data is what fuels it. Better data, better outcomes — faster to market, faster ROI, lower risk.

As your R&D data, technology and services partner, Elsevier offers flexible options to:

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Support the digital transformation of your processes and workflow

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Structure and enrich your
own data

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Amplify your data with a vast pool of rich scientific data

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Integrate your data with Elsevier
and third-party data

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Empower teams with fit-for-purpose
platforms and tools

FAIR data packages

New datasets to boost R&D capabilities are on the horizon. Applying the power of SciBite semantic analysis, Elsevier will license FAIR data packages, starting with FAIR Journal Literature. Additional flexible options for licensing other solutions content will follow.

These unique data opportunities result from Elsevier's acquisition of SciBite in August 2020, which combined SciBite's expertise in semantic AI with Elsevier's deep data in STEM domains.

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Transform your data, unlock potential

Your data shouldn't limit how you innovate and achieve your goals.

Managing data at scale is in our DNA. As the largest global provider of scientific, technical and medical information, Elsevier has been transforming content into usable data for decades. Now with the power of the SciBite suite of semantic solutions, we can work with you to build your data infrastructure and unlock your data potential. This includes applying FAIR data principles, which we helped to co-author and promote.

When unstructured scientific text is transformed into clean, contextualized data, you can feed a range of artificial intelligence applications.

Work with a partner who can help you develop, manage and apply:

  • Machine learning and deep learning models
  • Text analysis and extraction
  • Ontologies, vocabularies and thesauri
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Semantic enrichment and annotation

Learn more about digital transformation, data and services within your industry:

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Great data powers success

What data are you missing? Draw from the largest corpus of trusted scientific data in the world, extracted from a variety of sources, including peer-reviewed, full-text literature. This data is used as vital inputs in training algorithms, knowledge graphs and other applied analytics.

Data pools and sources include:

Biochemistry genetics molecular biology picto illustration

Biological entities and relationships

Chemistry picto illustration

Chemical structures, properties and reactions, experimental data, bioactivity data and patents

EMR EHR picto illustration

Drug safety, pharmacokinetic and metabolizing enzyme and transporter data, and efficacy data

Online chapter picto illustration

Conference abstracts and proceedings

Engineering picto illustration

Multidisciplinary engineering content, including property and materials data

World picto illustration

Geospatial maps and geoscience data

References picto illustration

Full-text literature and book content, images and citations

Expand network picto illustration

Opinion leader and affiliation profiles

R&D productivity soars

Your team members need best-in-class tools to help find the right information at the point of need. When this process is fast and accurate, they are empowered to make timely decisions that increase ROI. Discover platforms and tools that combine high-quality data, optimal user experience and AI-enabled features.

Semantic analytics

  • CENtree — enterprise-ready ontology management
  • TERMite — named entity recognition and extraction engine
  • SciBiteSearch — scientific search and analytics platform
  • SciBiteAI — prepare, train and deploy deep learning models

Multidisciplinary research

  • ScienceDirect — world’s premiere STEM knowledgebase
  • Scopus — expertly curated abstract and citation database

Chemical and biomedical

Engineering and geosciences

  • Knovel — engineering references, data and interactive tools
  • Geofacets — geoscience data and maps from scientific publications
  • Engineering Village — 14 engineering literature and patent databases

Deep domain knowledge and expertise

Our team of highly credentialed domain and data experts have backgrounds that span:

  • Biology and bioinformatics
  • Chemistry and cheminformatics
  • DMPK and safety/toxicology
  • Engineering
  • Geoscience
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Data science and analysis
  • Knowledge management

Elsevier’s parent company, RELX, makes significant investments to enable its businesses to help customers make better decisions, get better results and be more productive.


data scientists and data analysts

$1.4 billion
annual technology spend

Elsevier domain experts work on product innovation and customer initiatives. People like:

Matt Clark, Senior Director, Scientific Services

Matt Clark portrait image

Matt has a PhD in chemistry and spent his early career working in translational medicine and bioinformatics at AstraZeneca, Pharmatrope and BioFortis. As a consultant in Elsevier’s Professional Services team, he has collaborated on projects to help pharma companies accelerate discovery via data integration and applied analytics.

John Skero, Director of Product Management, Engineering

John Skero portrait image

John has a degree in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences and was a top 10% performer at the ExxonMobil Upstream Research Center. He worked for 12 years in exploration and development before joining Elsevier where where he helped companies such as ExxonMobil, Woodside Energy, and Ecopetrol transform their business models with data.

Maria Shkrob, Life Sciences Consultant, Professional Services

Maria Shkrob portrait image

Maria has a PhD in molecular biology and worked in biomedical research with Evrogen on new applications of fluorescent proteins and at Ariadne Genomics. At Elsevier, she has worked on bioinformatics and text mining tools, and now applies her rich background to helping to solve customer research challenges.

Partnering with the R&D community for greater impact

Is your company ready for Industry 4.0?

Chemical engineers in a factory

The process of transitioning to Industry 4.0 involves getting connected, maximizing data and implementing standards and best practices. See how chemical companies are transforming.

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Unlocking the value of geoscience data

Data management infographic

Elsevier is working with BHP to create a geoscience portal that will make their proprietary data discoverable alongside other relevant research and data, enabling a rapid response to new opportunities.

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A collaboration with pharma to predict DDIs

Senior couple looking at drug information

Collaborating with Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Company, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi, Servier and others, Elsevier enhanced its drug-drug interaction risk calculator within PharmaPendium.

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