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Serving third-party content providers showcased in our solutions

Publisher Relations looks after the relationships with all third parties such as publishers, societies, patent offices and funding agencies who deliver content for inclusion in a wide range of Elsevier electronic database products and solution services.

To read more about the Elsevier electronic database products and services on offer, how your content appears there, as well as any questions about suggesting titles or missing content, please scroll down for more information on the various products.

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Core Research Tools


Scopus is the largest and most comprehensive abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including over 70 million records. Scopus is updated daily and features tools to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research.

Content types covered: Journals, Books, Conferences, Patents, Medline data, Grants and awards data

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FAQs for Scopus journal editors and publishers

Ready for Scopus creates pre-evaluation reports for your title

Scopus Custom Data

Scopus Custom Data allows researchers to acquire specified datasets from Scopus in a rich and structured XML format to conduct a bibliometric analysis, create an in-house database, showcase publication output and more.

Content types covered: Scopus metadata


Ready-to-use tools to analyze the world of research, and establish, execute and evaluate the best strategies for your research organization.

Content types covered: Scopus metadata


Comprehensive research information management system to enable evidence-based decisions, promote collaboration, simplify administration and optimize impact.

Content types covered: Scopus metadata


LexisNexis TotalPatent offers the most extensive combination of patent content available from a single source and the tools needed to search, compare and analyze results.

Content types covered: Patents, Scopus metadata

Elsevier Text Mining

Ready-to-use text analytics platform that enables the retrieval of highly specific information from unstructured content, providing more meaningful answers and comprehensive results to address complex questions and improve research decisions. Clients using software with third party content are expected to have direct licenses in place.

Content types covered: Journals, Medline data, Customer data

Health & Life Sciences


Embase increases the discovery of biomedical evidence to support critical life sciences functions, delivering relevant, up-to-date biomedical information to the global biomedical research community.

Content types covered: Journals, Serial Conferences, Medline data

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Emcare covers the biomedical literature relevant for nurses and allied health professionals.

Content types covered: Journals

Emcare is available via OVID

CABS/Elsevier Biobase

Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS) is a bibliographic current awareness database of biological research worldwide. Over 1,900 primary research journals are scanned by specialized scientific editors each month.

Content types covered: Journals

Pathway Studio

Pathway Studio facilitates the interpretation of experimental data, giving greater insight into the mechanisms of disease and accelerating biological research by leveraging published findings on molecular and cellular interactions.

Content types covered: Journals, Medline data


Online medical portal for healthcare professionals focused on translating clinical findings into practice change. Site content is curated by a KOL-led editorial board, and is comprised of the latest clinical research, medical conference highlights, roundtable discussions, and peer-reviewed content from Elsevier and non-Elsevier sources – a majority of which also includes exclusive expert-provided insights.

Content types covered: Journals, Webinars, Textbooks, Roundtable Videos, Medline data


ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine that supports clinical decisions by making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge.

Content types covered: Journals, Books, Videos, Medline data


PharmaPendium is a decision support solution designed to help improve pharmaceutical development by providing unique comparative pre-clinical, clinical and post-release drug information in a single longitudinal database.

Content types covered: Journals, FDA/EMA drug approval documents

Engineering & Physical Sciences


Compendex is the broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world. All content is carefully selected and indexed using the Engineering Index Thesaurus so engineers can be confident information is relevant, complete, accurate and of high quality.

Content types covered: Journals, Conferences, Dissertations

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EnCompass LIT & EnCompass PAT

Comprised of two highly specialized engineering databases, EnCompass is trusted worldwide for providing superior insights from scientific literature and patents targeted specifically for research in the petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas, and related energy industries.

Content types covered: Journals, Conferences, Technical Reports, Patents


GEOBASE consists of the latest information on the earth sciences, ecology, geology, human and physical geography, and environmental sciences, focusing on, and highlighting, the human and social impacts on both.

Content types covered: Journals, Books, Conferences

How to suggest a title


Chimica provides chemistry and chemical engineering researchers with a weekly updated database of engineering literature abstracts created specifically for chemistry and chemical engineering research, indexing the most influential, international chemistry journals to keep engineers current with the latest developments in their field.

Content types covered: Journals, Books


PaperChem is a database of abstracted and indexed literature created specifically for research in the Pulp and Paper industry.

Content types covered: Journals, Conferences


CBNB is the premiere news source for chemical business information, including 300+ core trade journals, newspapers and company newsletters, market reports, company reports, press releases and other "grey literature" that is updated weekly. CBNB offers timely information essential for tracking trends and developments in the chemical and chemical engineering industry.

Content types covered: Journals, News Items, Reports

Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database, built by chemistry, content and technology experts, to help chemists retrieve relevant literature, patent information and valid compound properties. Through smart indexing and precise data retrieval capabilities, APIs and more, Reaxys takes users on the shortest path to relevant chemistry literature and data.

Content types covered: Journals, Conferences, Patents

Funding Solutions

Funding Institutional

Funding Institutional is a single-source workflow tool containing data on funders, funding opportunities and awarded grants, drawn from a wide range of governmental and private sources that was developed for institutional staff.

Content types covered: Funding opportunities, Awarded grants, Scopus metadata

Expert Lookup

Expert Lookup is able to recommend experts who are thought-leaders in their field and highly relevant for your search by using: the powerful algorithms of the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, Scopus' citation database containing more 57 million records, and 10 discipline-specific thesauri.

Content types covered: Awarded grants, Scopus metadata

Analytical Services

Our Analytical Services Team is a group of experienced data scientists who have developed custom reports for policy makers, funders, and academic and corporate research institutions around the world. Our offerings range from simple, targeted reports to comprehensive multidimensional studies, as well as data delivery and web integration services to meet your research management needs.