Taking A Patient-Centric Approach To Value-Based Care

Tim Morris, Vice President, Go-To-Market, EMEALAAP for Elsevier, shares his thoughts on how hospitals can deliver value-based outcomes for truly patient-centric care.

By Tim Morris - October 13, 2022  1 mins

Value-based care can improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs for patients. Yet applying such a care model is not straightforward.

Speaking at the HMA 2022 conference, Tim Morris, Vice President, Go-To-Market, EMEALAAP Elsevier, looked at the need to include an evidence-based approach to ensure a healthier and patient-centric future.

He argues the need for having interdisciplinary teams that work with patients – and learning from the measures put in place. It’s a process that also enables clinicians to reconnect with their patients as healers. By harnessing big data over the next 10 years, patients will be better prepared to work with clinicians and manage their own care.

Yes, there is an acute shortage of healthcare workers, but engaging with them and giving value back to their roles will reduce the numbers leaving. And the more healthcare providers and hospitals that are engaged in a value-based care model, the better the success will be.

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Tim Morris
Written by

Tim Morris

Written by

Tim Morris

As Interim Commercial Clinical Solutions EMEALAAP Lead at Elsevier, Tim Morris focuses on world-class clinical decision support tools and evidenced-based content, helping healthcare professionals integrate them into their workflows. Based in London, he has over 30 years of experience in healthcare. This experience has encompassed all aspects of the industry, including clinical care as a charge nurse in a busy London emergency department and direct sales and product development with a range of public and private companies globally.

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